Fort Supply Historic District

Location Class:
Built: 1868 | Abandoned: 1868
Historic Designation: National Register of Historic Places
Status: Endangered
Contributor: Bob Rea
Year(s) Listed:

The historic site was the bastion of civilization in northwest Oklahoma from 1868 1894. The site includes five buildings including the 1892 brick Guard House, the 1878 frame Commanding Officer’s Quarters, the 1882 frame Officers’ Quarters, the 1882 picket style log Civilian Employee Quarters, and the 1874 picket log Ordnance Sergeant’s Quarters. Camp Supply was established in late 1868 for
the winter campaign against the Plains Indians in western Indian Territory. The military presence was felt for the next twenty-five years as soldiers patrolled the region in an effort to contain the tribes and keep out trespassers. Buffalo hunters, timber and horse thieves, whiskey traders, and boomers were a continual threat to stability in Indian Territory. Troops escorted cattle drives and protected the stage coaches, freight haulers, and travelers as they moved along the trails. Fort Supply was closed in 1894.

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