First United Methodist Church – Terral

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Built: N/A | Abandoned: N/A
Status: AbandonedFor Sale
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Not much is known about the builder or date of the First United Methodist Church (FUMC) in Terral, but it is a beautiful example of what many consider to be the most important buildings in any small town. The FUMC of Terral was a social center for many years, home to weddings, funerals, plays, youth clubs, dinners, and other community events. Almost all of its contents remain in the property, something rarely seen in a building of this age and condition. The beautiful stained glass still hangs in the window; it is currently protected by plexiglass. Action does need to be taken to secure the building, as there are many access points to get inside. The current owner purchased the building around ten years ago with hopes of a renovation. Unfortunately, ill health has prevented restoration work, and he is currently looking to sell the church to someone who will help bring it back to its former glory.

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