Yukon Flour Mills

Location Class:
Built: ~1900 | Abandoned: ~1900
Status: AbandonedEndangered
Contributor: Preservation Oklahoma
Year(s) Listed:

An icon of the skyline, the elevators/flour mills flanking Route 66 have been the topic of much discussion about progress and preservation in the town of Yukon. Built around 1900, the mills are a staple of the community, so much so the high school mascot is “the Millers.” Talk in the town is that the mills may be torn down to make room for a five-story, high-end office park, apartment building, and two multi-level parking garages. The mills are a source of pride for residents and the massive sign atop one of the mills was refurbished with donated funds a few years ago. The future is uncertain for the mills, as the sale is expected to close in October 2021.

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