Pawnee Bathhouse

Location Class:
Built: 1939 | Abandoned: 1939
Historic Designation: National Register of Historic Places (September 2, 2003)
Status: Saved
Contributor: Preservation Oklahoma
Year(s) Listed:

The Pawnee Municipal Bathhouse in Pawnee was constructed by the Work Progress Administration (WA) in 1939. Adjacent to a manmade lake, this bathhouse is a two-story structure with four shower rooms. Made of native stone, architecturally the structure is unique in terms of building type, style, material, and workmanship. Natural deterioration and occasional vandalism are significant threats to this property. The Pawnee Environmental Education Center is located nearby as an outdoor classroom and the bathhouse structure could be used with this program or as a regional swimming pool. Funding must be secured to breathe new life into the rehabilitation of this unique structure and landscaped area.

(Photo by Travel OK)

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