Fire Station #1 – Guthrie

Location Class:
Built: 1903 | Abandoned: 1903
Historic Designation: Historic District
Status: AbandonedEndangered
Contributor: Amanda Potter
Year(s) Listed:

Housing Guthrie’s first fire station, the building at 111 S. 2nd St in Guthrie, Oklahoma, is rich in history. First used by a local café, the building welcomed the Heim and Waite Hose Company in 1903. The building was then occupied by the Guthrie fire department until it was voted to be sold in 2005. Preserving this site would honor the countless hours of service and protection provided by the many firefighters housed in this structure. Now vacant, the building is in fair condition. Many original features are still present including an advertising mural and wood hose tower. The hose tower was used for hanging and drying the cotton hose after the firefighters returned on their horse-drawn fire apparatus. Fire Station #1 contributes to the Guthrie Historic District and Guthrie National Historic Landmark District.

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