Larkin Hotel

Location Class:
Built: 1924 | Abandoned: 1924
Historic Designation: National Register of Historic Places (2013)
Status: Endangered
Contributor: Preservation Oklahoma
Year(s) Listed:

Built in the early 1920s by John Larkin, the 4-story hotel had 66 rooms, 48 of which had their own attached bathrooms, a dining room that was the hot spot to meet during Blackwell’s heyday, and a grand ballroom graced by governors,
congressmen and other prominent figures. Blackwell was a hub of agriculture, manufacturing, and oil and gas exploration, aided by early railroads providing access to shipping for the community. Blackwell’s population peaked in the1950s, but as the oil and gas boom went to bust, the town declined rapidly. With few guests to serve, the Larkin has been closed for decades. Though it appears to be in relatively good shape, it is too large and grand a building to continue without occupancy or maintenance.

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