Tallchief Mansion

Location Class:
Built: 1920s | Abandoned: 1920s
Historic Designation: Native American Heritage Site
Status: Under Renovation
Contributor: AbandonedOK.com
Year(s) Listed:

Alexander Tallchief was a member of the Osage Nation who obtained his wealth like many others in the Osage tribe through the 1920’s oil boom. A 10-room structure constructed of terracotta bricks was built to sit on a hill overlooking the reservation in Fairfax, Oklahoma. This became known as Tallchief Mansion. Alexander Tallchief owned other buildings in Fairfax including a pool hall and the Tallchief Theatre which he designed and built in 1928. The mansion was the childhood home of Maria, born January 24, 1925, and Marjorie Tallchief, born on October 19, 1926. With their family wealth, the girls could afford music and dance lessons. It was discovered a short time later that Maria and Marjorie had an unbelievable talent for ballet. In 1933 the family decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue better opportunities for the dancers. The home stands today as a monument to the Osage Nation and is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

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